What is an Archery training Centre ATC?
Defined by Archery GB on their website.
   What is Derbyshire - ATC?


The purpose of these centres is to identify and develop Archers using Coaches, creating an excellent support network and allowing archers to achieve their full potential. This programme will offer archers from all backgrounds, whether social or performance focused, to experience elite coaching and what it takes to become an elite Archer.

The Archery Training Centre incorporate international coaching techniques passed on from our Olympic Pathway Team and Strength and Conditioning sessions designed specifically for junior Archers. Each centre will deliver performance analysis sessions using state of the art slow motion camera systems to analyse the bio-mechanics of each Archer's technique, allowing for an individualised and detailed assessment of every Archer.

The Archery Training Centres are open to Archery GB members and we encourage Coaches to come and engage with the centre. The centres will act as a hub of information aimed at helping to develop archers as well as Coaches that are interested in feeding the information they learn back into their clubs.

Sessions are run by a mix of Lead Academy Coaches and Talent Coaches, all accredited by Archery GB and frequently assessed by Head of Athlete and Coach Development Lloyd Brown. Local Coaches are also welcome and are asked to contact the Lead Coach at their local centre to let them know they will be attending.



At the Derbyshire ATC we will strive to deliver all that is promised above. Some areas may vary depending on facilities and number of athlets attending.

Although we welcome all levels of archers, those atending should be engaged in the idea of performance coaching.

Performance coaching does not define the quality of the athlete it defines the quality of the coaching. All athletes will initially be assessed to determine the level at which they are entering the ATC. From this, the coach to which the athlete is assigned, will be able to highlight the most important areas for work. These in turn will define the coaching plan that is developed for the athlete.

Every athlete will take this plan away with them. There will be specific exercises or areas to work on and it will be expected that the athlete will work on these between visits. The individual progress of any athlete will depend on this work.

The format of the ATC is desgned to compliment the Archery GB NTDP. (National Talent Development Programme)

Although each athlete can book as many or a few sessions as they feel is right for them, regular attendance will promote the best athlete development.